Your team has been given the responsibility of conducting a baseline analysis fo

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Your team has been given the responsibility of conducting a baseline analysis for establishing a secure communications network for your assigned organization at the summit. The risk assessment process for a baseline analysis requires a multidisciplinary examination of the internal and external cyber environments.
The graded assignment for Project 1 is a Cybersecurity Policy and Baseline Analysis Report, which should be a minimum of 20 pages. There are 16 steps in this project, and it should take about 17 days to complete. This project is longer in duration than others in the course because some of the work you will complete also lays the foundation for work to be completed in Projects 2, 3, and 4. Begin with Step 1, where you will complete preparatory exercises designed to familiarize you with the tools and processes to be used throughout the project.
Narrator: You are a cybersecurity professional in the information security branch for a government agency in your assigned location. Today, you received an email from your CISO that directed you and other members of your team to a meeting about a new cybersecurity team assignment. As the meeting is about to start, you leave your office, head to the conference room, and take a seat next to your colleagues. Your CISO is there, standing in the front of the conference room.
CISO: Congratulations! You’ve been assigned to the cyber team for our agency at the Five Eyes (FVEY) global economic summit in the United Kingdom.
The summit will be held at a country club and resort near London. As part of the summit, your team is tasked with setting up and maintaining a secure communications network.
The network will need to be accessible by authorized users via cellular phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. The network will also need to interface with the primary network servers here at the agency’s headquarters.
Colleague: Are we setting up a joint comms center with other members of Five Eyes?
CISO: No. Each nation will set up its own independent secure comms network. While the partner nations in FVEY do have intelligence sharing and mutual defense agreements, not all data is shared. Some allies in FVEY have occasionally “spied” on other members, hacked secure communications networks, or cut off intelligence sharing due to their own national security concerns, particularly with respect to protection of communications or intelligence collection sources and methods. There have been several incidents of anomalous network activity at our agency of late. Attribution of this activity is unknown. It may or may not be related to the upcoming FYVE summit. The summit begins in four weeks. Before you head off to the summit, however, there is a lot of preparatory work to be done. Get started!
Project 1: Global Economic Summit
Step 1: Complete the Preparatory Exercises
The first step in preparing your team for the summit is to individually complete preparatory lab exercises that will measure your readiness. These exercises are mandatory and will provide some basic review of the tools, techniques, and methods you will be using as you begin this cyber adventure of foreign intrigue at the Global Economic Summit.
You will perform each of the lab exercises and submit results, as well as the results of an electronic assessment, to the dropbox below. These submissions will show the CISO (your instructor) that you possess the fundamental skills for the summit. You will use what you have learned in your prior courses to prepare for your experiences within a cyber domain governed by international cyber law and policy.
Make notes of each step you take and take screenshots of all examination steps. Then, compile the screenshots into a single document and submit the proof of completion.
Step 2: Establish Team Agreement Plan
You’ve completed the preparatory exercises. Now, get started on the tasks that will lead to your final deliverable. For more information about your final deliverable, refer to the following document: Cybersecurity Policy and Baseline Analysis Report Instructions.
The first step is to create the team dynamics you and the other members will need to complete the assignments. As a part of your nation team, an agreement needs to be established in order to work efficiently. Begin by reviewing the team agreement, which includes a suggested schedule for project completion. Your team will use this document as a guide to establish a plan for completing and submitting the group tasks. When your team has completed the plan, the designated team member should submit it for review by following the directions below.
Step 3: Research Your Country’s Policies
As a cybersecurity intelligence analyst assigned to your Five Eyes Alliance (FVEY) country’s team, there are several documents you will need to provide. Your team’s first responsibility will be to help other countries in attendance understand the policy framework within which your team will have to operate. Do not assume that all countries apply cybersecurity in the same way or with the same intentions.
The first order of business will be to create a spreadsheet or table that represents a Cyber Policy Matrix of your country’s policies and/or laws that the government has instituted to address cybersecurity management and technology. You may need to conduct additional research on those policies to complete the matrix. Include a cogent explanation of each item listed.
Each team member should create his or her own matrix using the cyber policy matrix template as a guide. In a later step, you will collaborate with your team members on a revision of the matrix and include it in a set of conference materials to be given to your CISO.
When you have completed the spreadsheet, move on to the next step, in which you will begin to track down who is responsible for the problematic cyber activity at the summit.
NB: This is a group work and even through i started order from the beginning, it is just to give the writer an idea of the whole topic. writer is required to write on step 3 and writer should use attached file “1@Group3-CyberPolicyMatrix” as reference to what is required.
I am required to write on two topics on attached file “Cyberpolicymetrix” as seen below.
-Audit, review, Monitoring.


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