Television commercials, the internet, and social media have allowed for millions

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Television commercials, the internet, and social media have allowed for millions to experience and be exposed to cultures and issues in our own backyard and around the world. You will choose a cause and organization and analyze the moves they make when using words and images in order to persuade the public. You will use persuasive language to persuade your audience that the organization and cause you present are worth consideration, attention, and action. In the process you will also research who they are, what they do, and who they help. You will analyze how the charity organization persuades people to act and/or donate time, talent, and money. The essay is Informative and Analytical.
In addition, you will examine the role of a popular culture celebrity/prominent figure in creating awareness of world issues. Consider the impact of celebrity-based campaigns and or social media campaigns on our views of global issues. Consider whether celebrity involvement or the involvement of a prominent person (e.g. founder of the organization, politician, Youtube influencer, lesser known celebrity, etc.) is important and positive, or whether such involvement brings too much attention to the celebrities or individuals themselves, overshadowing the central messages of a campaign, organization, program or issue. [A Prominent Person is someone who is not necessarily as well-known as a celebrity, but is involved with the charity. It has to be someone that you can find background information about [i.e. who they are, what they do, etc.]
MLA FORMAT: Typed, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font, 12 pt font size, double-spaced, 5-6 pages NOTE: A Works Cited page is required
– THREE (3) QUOTES minimum (with commentary/explanation in your own words) must be included in the essay. Wikipedia and Brainy Quotes cannot be used as Research Sources.
You will need to summarize some information and cite it as well. You will need to include summaries that are cited according to MLA format.
B. ANALYSIS REQUIREMENT MINIMUM: 1 PSA Print Ad (Attach a copy of each ad)
OR 1 PSA COMMERCIAL [Add the citation information to the Works Cited Page] (The PSA [Public Service Announcement] Commercial should be cited on the Works Cited page)
NOTE: 1) The analysis of words/phrases in PSA ads is separate from the research sources quotes
2) Wikipedia/Brainy Quotes sources will not receive any credit.
Title: The essay needs a unique title
Include an attention-grabbing opening. Consider using descriiptive language.
Introduction: Present the charity and a brief overview of the cause, who they help, what they do, and the celebrity/prominent person who is involved. Then present your Central Idea [aim and plan]– i.e. The following presents a close look at the important and necessary work accomplished by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) organization, an examination of the strategies used by the organization to persuade people to help in some way, and Angelina Jolie’s positive and effective impact on the organization and refugees around the world. (Central Idea = What should readers expect from your writing?)
In the introduction introduce the organization, the celebrity/prominent figure (Based on your research, is this person’s involvement effective and positive or ineffective?), and present the aim and plan for the project.
When writing your body/support paragraphs make sure to include the following. Consider the following questions:
Discuss the foundation/organization. What is the name of the organization? What is the purpose? (i.e. What is the ‘Mission Statement’? Who started it and why? Who/What do they help? How? etc. (Organizations help people, animals, and/or the environment.)
Define the issue. You will need to present a detailed descriiption of the problem, country, people, animals, or environment effected. Describe the situation. How did the situation develop? What are the people lacking? (i.e. education, plumbing, clean drinking water, food, electricity, human rights/voting ability, health care, safety from abuse, how are people battling certain types of cancer?, AIDS, etc.). How are the animals being abused, misused, or mistreated? How is the environment being harmed? (The questions you focus on depend on the issue/cause you choose.)
What persuasive strategies are being used to persuade people to donate or become involved with the cause? Attach the PSA Print Ad(s)/Images. If you use a PSA Commercial video make sure to include the necessary information on the Works Cited page. Use the 15 Basic Appeals, color analysis chart, and In-Class PSA Print Ad/Image analysis handout questions as a part of your analysis [You used these questions for the Ad Analysis homework].
What is the agenda/purpose of the organization and how do the PSA Ads words/phrases reflect the purpose? How do the media, sponsoring organization, and celebrities talk about the issues in developing nations? Analyze their word choice.
Examine the motivations of the celebrity/prominent figure. Mention background information about the celebrity. Discuss his/her involvement with a cause/charity. Does the celebrity/prominent figure seem to be actively involved or just a face of the organization. Explain how the celebrity/prominent figure become involved with the foundation/charity or explain why they support it? Consider the impact of celebrity-based campaigns on our views of global development issues. Why do people tend to pay more attention when a celebrity is in involved? Is the celebrity’s involvement effective or ineffective and does it overshadow the organization or bring attention in a positive way?
Express and support your observations with evidence (i.e. analysis of ads, research: data and facts, quotes, etc., information about the cause/issue, explanation of information used, etc.)
When writing your Conclusion include the following: Summarize your discussion. Why did you choose this cause? Give your recommendations for what can be done to help the situation. Then answer, the so what question? Now that you have written about the topic, what do you want the reader to think about further? How does the topic relate to society as a whole? Why should a reader pay attention to the cause and information you have presented?
WORKS CITED PAGE: The essay MUST include a Works Cited page where you list your research sources and any video clips used. Use MLA format.
Useful Sites/Info: Amnesty International —
(The Amnesty International site presents information on all countries and regions around the world. It is useful for current statistics and detailed summaries and explanations of the problems around the world and how they developed in specific countries).
Research Quotes can come from: Note: This is separate from the analysis of words included in the analysis of the persuasive strategies 1) Comments from interviews, News videos, and Articles 2) Statistics/Facts/Data/Social Media/Youtube Campaigns 3) Background/history information on a cause, organization and/or the people effected 4) Expert opinion 5) Testimonies from people who have dealt with the problem you are presenting
6) Information related to the background of the celebrity/prominent figure
Potential celebrity/cause suggestions:
Selma Hayek has teamed with the Avon foundation to support the Speakout Against Domestic Violence. Hayek also started the Selma Hayek Foundation.
Ian Somerhalder IS Foundation – raising awareness for protecting the environment and animals
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
Matt Damon cofounded of
Hugh Jackman – Charity Water and Operation of Hope.
Selena Gomez is an ambassador for the US Fund for UNICEF
Pierce Brosnan – Planet Ark
Jimmy Smits co-founded The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts
Paul Walker – Reach Out World Wide
Derek Jeter – Turn 2 Foundation
Alicia Keyes – Keep a Child Alive


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