Drop Box: 24 Hours Diet Recall and Nutritional Analysis (Total Points Possible =

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Drop Box: 24 Hours Diet Recall and Nutritional Analysis
(Total Points Possible = 50 points)
Begin by writing down EVERYTHING you EAT and DRINK (anything you put in your mouth) for a 24-hour period. It doesn’t matter if you start in the middle of the day…. just make sure you cover 24 hours. It would be helpful to write down the time of day that you are eating or drinking. Try to pick a time span that is your most ‘normal’ eating/drinking pattern (weekends may look different that the weekdays).
REMEMBER to include the quantity and amounts (both liquid and dry measurements). Example – 1 pretzel (stick), size; ounces. Portion sizes and amounts are important for this exercise. You will need to look up SERVING SIZE or each food/liquid of your intake to determine the number of servings you have taken in; to determine a nutritional analysis. You can find the information of serving size on the packaging OR…. look up what would constitute a serving size of that food. Do not forget to record liquid intake (water, coffee, etc) for the day in ounces.
EXAMPLES – Go to MyPLATE.gov to assist with proper serving sizes of specific foods. Also note textbook, pages 283 to 287 or My Plate guidelines too included below. Ex -a serving size = 1 cup is the size of a baseball, ½ cup is the size of a lightbulb, 3 ounces (meat) is the size of a deck of car. ETC. There are good apps that can help you determine what a serving size, calories and to monitor for weight management such as: Lose it – Calorie Counter, Fitness Pal, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker. PLEASE NOTE ATTACHMENTS to these instructions for Choose MyPLATE. gov and visit the MY PLAN link. (My Plate link will be in content for week 5). This will help you to personalize a meal plan and RDA recommendation determined from you sex, age, weight/ht. Please also note instructions to use an app that will assist you in determining calories/nutrient values to provide additional information for your nutritional analysis. Such Apps may be “My Fitness Pal”; Samsung Health, etc. there are many in the marketplace….many free.
This assignment requires: List on a separate piece of paper . . . all food and liquid intake, with quantities of each listed that you have taken in over a 24 hour period. At the bottom of this list, count how many serving you have had in the food groups: Meat/Protein, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains/Carbohydrate, Dairy, Liquids, Sweets/Fats). As you list the servings, compare with the recommended daily allotment (2000 cal,) reference. Please calculate how many calories you had in your intake during the 24 hr. period Answer the following questions on an attached analysis of your 24 hour dietary recall:
Date/time period of my 24 hr. dietary intake analysis: ______________________
1. Overall analysis of your 24 hour Nutritional Intake: (discuss areas you are deficient/over consumption addressing Food groups of Meat/Protein, Vegetables, Fruits, Carbohydrates/Grains, Dairy, Liquids, Sweet/Fats/others) See 2,000 cal RDA attachment and MyPLATE recommendations attached.
2. What are your recommendations to yourself that would improve your nutritional status? (list 3 if appropriate)
3. What dietary changes are you willing to make to improve your nutritional status?
RUBRIC: (50 points possible) See pages 283 to 287 in textbook for reference
24 Dietary Diet Recall Documentation: Up to 25 points awarded for completed 24 hour diet recall with foods listed correctly (including amounts), proper identification of servings, calculated caloric intake for the 24 hr. period. I will also be analyzing your analysis of this nutritional intake.
-Up to 20 points awarded if Dietary Recall is completed but lacks serving sizes, does not calculate
-Up to 10 points awarded if Dietary Recall is lacking effort in the recall, 0 points if not completed
Nutritional Analysis: Up to 25 points awarded for correct analysis of diet that addresses the 24 hour Nutritional Intake: (discuss areas you are deficient/over consumption addressing food groups of Meat/Protein, Vegetables, Fruits, Carbohydrates/Grains, Dairy, Liquids, Sweet/Fats/others), and comparison of caloric intake/recommended caloric intake. NOTE the 3 above questions must be answered.
-Up to 20 points awarded if analysis lacks correct interpretation of the nutritional intake, or does not properly answer questions for this assignment
-Up to 10 points awarded if lacking effort to complete an analysis or lacking effort in completing analysis, 0 points if not completed
Instructions for submission: Via Dropbox – Include your 24 hour dietary recall and responses to the three questions.
No need to send the informational sheets of ChooseMyPlate and My PLAN (or the 2,000 cal. default plan). Submit your dietary recall and your analysis, as described in the sample plan, and in the instructions.
PLEASE follow the example attached in these instructions. There is another example placed in the ‘assignments’ listing. These examples will aid you in completing this assignment correctly.
Example how to do a 24 hr. dietary recall and analysis


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