LDRS 101—Essay #3: Report Reports deliver information. For this essay, you’ll c

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LDRS 101—Essay #3: Report
Reports deliver information. For this essay, you’ll collect and present interesting information for a topic. What’s essential here is that you find quality information and then share it in an organized way.
For this assignment, please find two quality peer-reviewed articles and report on them. In a sense, this is an Article Report (like a book report, but for articles). For both articles you’ll include five points of information:
1. List the articles’ author/s
2. State in which journal the articles were published
3. Quote the articles’ thesis statements
4. Summarize the evidence the articles use to prove their theses
5a. Statistics analysis
5b. Overall evaluation
[Note: I’d probably do this in three paragraphs. I’d put the first three parts in one paragraph (#s 1-3), then #4 in its own paragraph, and then #5 in its own paragraph. You do as you see fit, but I think this makes for a nice structure.]
As you rightly point out, there’s two parts to #5. For 5a, one of your articles must have some kind of statistical argument—a chart or graph that is used to help prove the thesis. In your report, you must explain if that chart or graph is used fairly. Please use the insights offered by our class textbook, Scammed by Statistics, in order to properly analyze the statistical information in the article.
For 5b, please write a general comment about your articles’ effectiveness. The question is, are the two articles effective? I suggest you create a short set of evaluative criteria and then apply that criteria to the articles so that you can then explain how and why the articles are as effective (or ineffective) as you say.
For example, if my evaluative criteria for good articles includes three things (1. The article must be readable/understandable/contain little-to-no jargon; 2. The article must be short (less than 35 pages); 3. The article must be recent (within the last 5 years)), then I’d tell the reader my criteria and then apply the criteria to the articles.
Let’s say that for my articles, both were well written and used almost no jargon, both articles were short (one was 15 pages, the other 23), but when it came to timing, only one was more recent (written 3 years ago), while the other was written 15 years ago. I’d have to explain, then, if the articles were effective. I’d probably say that, for the criteria I have in place, yes, the articles were mostly effective. And if I really liked the older article, I’d probably have to admit that even though my criteria noted I prefer more recent articles, the older article, despite its age, was still effective.
Using the same method, you can also show how the articles were not effective (or ineffective)—you’d just point out that the articles did not meet your criteria.
You may use any topic you’d like for the Report, but be sure to regard the warning, below. The idea was to use the Report to prepare for the Research Paper. As such, you might think ahead and begin shaping your material and thinking so that you can focus narrowly on your topic. Nevertheless, the two essays’ topics needn’t rely on each other.
Skill:​​Reporting, researching, analysis/evaluation
Focus:​​Find & report on two articles
Format:​MLA or APA
Research:​Two quality, scholarly, peer-reviewed articles (one with stats as evidence).
Length:​Probably at least two pages, but no more than four, I should think.
Points:​Clear, complete, coherent sentences, a sense of organization, unified and coherent paragraphs, good transitions, control of pronouns, a wonderful title, perfect formatting (end-of-text citations), use of two peer-reviewed articles.
Warning: I must warn you about several topics that often don’t go well: Steroid use in sports, Concussions, Gun control, Capital Punishment, Abortion, Legalizing Marijuana, Euthanasia, Standardized Tests, The No Child Left Behind Act, Immigration, Racial profiling, Women’s rights, Global Warming, Effects of Violent Media, Gay Marriage, and other too-broad and too-done topics. Be careful with Covid 19, too. You’ll want to get specific.
Now, while I am warning you against these topics, I’m not making them taboo. Let’s say you’re very passionate about marijuana. Ok, write about marijuana. But don’t tell me about its chemical composition or why it’s no worse than alcohol—I’ve already read that paper. Instead, providing a developed argument as to why states that have implemented legal recreational use of marijuana are doing better financially, morally, and emotionally, would make for a much more interesting essay—and interesting because the topic is narrowed, limited, specific.


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